Before going for an interview you might have done preparation for the interview but still not able to get selected for the Job. Probably you have not done the correct preparation. Your success or failure in an interview depends on your first appearance and preparation for the Interview. On average, it hardly takes 5 to 7 minutes for an interviewer to decide to hire you or not. You have to ensure that your first impression stays with the recruiter and they do not change their mind to hire you. The First impression is the last impression. To be confident for attending any interview you can take our mock interview services online.

Mock Interview is one of our unique services. If you are experienced or fresher and don’t know how to present yourself before the interviewer then please come to us, Our mock interview services will guide you professionally and will guide you step by step. We have a team of professionals and consultants who have experience of taking interviews for various civil engineering post.

There are many dos and don’ts before moving ahead for the interview. Only answering all the questions of the interviewer will not at all assure that you are the best fit for the opportunity/position. You may be Fresher or Experienced, but the technique which you will learn here will definitely help you to get your dream job. Our experts are well experienced and know what employers are looking for and how to address their questions.

In this – your mock interview will be conducted Either Online or offline 

  • The Video recording will be provided
  • the full analysis will be done.
  • SWOT analysis
  • fulfilling the demand and supply gap

Why Give Mock To Us?

  • 1 Hour of time is allotted per candidate.
  • we have conducted more than 100s interviews, especially for civil engineering students.
  • we are specialized in giving one to one hand holding support till the time of the interview
  • We aim for a selection
  • Value your time and concern

About the Interviewer

Nitish Prakash Surya is the (Co-founder & COO of Aerowhizz Technology Pvt Ltd). He is a professional civil Engineer & Founder of EACE. He counts himself a Digital Enthusiast and a person with an Entrepreneurial Mindset. After completing from NIT Bhopal & years of working in various construction companies, he found that there is a big gap between theoretical and practical knowledge in civil engineering.

“Everything about civil engineering” is founded with a core mission to provide a platform to all the civil engineers for understanding civil engineering concepts in a much comfortable way. His team is a dedicated group of young civil professionals who work very hard to make this dream a reality.