Civil Engineering is a broad field, for selection on the various posts, you have to appear for a personality test which we call an Interview. 

Know the Interview for which you are going to appear.

first thing first, suppose you are going to appear for a job position in a private company, like AFONCS, TATA, GAMMON India etc, know the Goal, vision & mission of the organization. Also, know the Strength and Achievement of the company.

  1. Assess yourself: You Must know where you stand. What are your strength and weakness? You can sort out your weak areas and strong areas. Accordingly, plan and speed up your preparation.
  2. Scan the entire profile that you have produced to the Interview panel: You can always expect a lion’s share of the questions from your own profile such as your previous job experience, hobbies, your home state, college, your MTech thesis if you are doing MTech etc. Know that you cannot afford to make any mistakes while answering these questions.
  3. Stay updated about current affairs: Read newspapers, current affairs blogs, take quizzes and stay updated about all the latest national & international affairs.
  4. Revise your subjects: The interview board also checks your technical & subject knowledge. You ought to have the basic concepts and understanding about your subject
  5. Improve your fluency: Practice answering various interview questions on your own. Record and review them to know your fluency. try giving an MOCK interview.
  6. Brush up your personality: Since the interview will evaluate numerous aspects of your personality, make sure you are always confident about the answers you give.
  7. The interview comes with tricky questions: There might be questions such as “What are your weaknesses?” Simply knowing about your weaknesses is not always considered wise. If you do have a weakness then it is anyhow considered negative. So for questions like these, you should direct the answers towards your strengths. You can frame the answer in this way “ I do have this weakness but on the positive side I am good at…” You can give the same type of answers for questions like, “Do you have this particular experience?”, in the case you don’t have it.
  8. Practice discussions: Practice discussion on your personal profile, on Hobbies, Interests, Degree projects, Extra & Co-curricular Activities, etc.

This is not a preparation tip but does not forget to recheck how you present yourself in the interview. Wear clean, tidy clothes in which you feel comfortable and confident. Make sure that whatever you speak comes out with clarity. Do not try to be fast while speaking. Be humble yet confident.

EACE Team has conducted BPSC AE Mock Interview and in this process, we came across many students who is very good with the technical background but not so familiar with Interview Experience. combining all our experience we have made this PDF to increase your selection. Drop Whatsapp Msg on 9034114389