RPSC AEn Civil Interview Guidance Program

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E.A.C.E – Interview Guidance Program For RPSC-A.En (Civil) 2018.

  • In this IGP you will be getting a total of 7 pdf.
  • 1000+ Interview Questions with their Explanation.
  • All previous 10-years Civil interview questions Covered.
  • lifetime membership of two Exclusive WhatsApp groups.
  • Pdf includes, How to face the interview – Tips and personality development.
  • Personal Profile –Analysis.
    – Possible questions on Engineering background -Civil Engineering.
    – Possible questions on Hobbies, interests.
    – Possible questions on different areas.
  • About Job Profile.
  • Interview Question Framing Technique.



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Ans. this course is valid till RPSC conducts AEn interview of the last candidate.

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Ans. You don’t have to worry about anything. in case you are facing some issue not mentioned above, you can contact our team.

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RPSC AEn is one of the dream jobs for engineers. This exam has been conducted by Rajasthan Public Service Commission in a span of 3 to 4 years. Due to the increase in a number of aspirants at RPSC AEn examination, it has become more challenging. For Example, 12800 Students have appeared for the Mains examination in Dec 2019 out of which Only 1961 Candidates have passed the Mains examination and will appear for the Personal Interview.

Check the result here: https://rpsc.rajasthan.gov.in/results?Pie=247

Though the EACE team believes that every candidate has the ability to succeed but in competitive environment,  in depth knowledge, quality guidance, time management and a good source of study material is required to achieve the goals. the Interview is the last stage of your selection, it is going to be held in Rajasthan very soon. Aspirants should leave no stone unturned.

RPSC AEN Selection Process

After the RPSC AEN Mains examination, qualifying candidates will be called for a personal interview round which carries a lot of weightage. Given below are important pointers about the personal interview round.

  • Candidates who obtain such minimum qualifying marks in the written test of the Main examination as may be fixed by the Commission in their discretion shall be summoned by them for interview. Provided that no candidate who fails to obtain a minimum of 35% marks in each of the two compulsory papers and a minimum of 40% marks in the aggregate shall be called by the Commission for an interview that carries 72 marks
  • The Commission shall award marks to each candidate interviewed by them. In interviewing the candidates besides awarding marks in respect of character, personality, address, and physique, marks shall also be awarded for the candidate’s knowledge of the Rajasthani culture. The marks awarded shall be added to the marks obtained in the written test of the main examination by each such candidate.
  • After the interview round, candidates shall be awarded provisional selection which is made permanent subject to a background check and document verification of eligibility criteria.

Prepare for Interview

if you want to prepare for the interview in detail, you can take our RPSC interview guidance program. you can go to the product section of the website and see all the courses. you can also buy from the button below. In case you are facing any problems you can drop WhatsApp msg at 9034114389.

This EACE IGP – Interview Guidance Program is a one-time opportunity to increase your interview score and get your rank in the Final Merit list.

What others Saya About our Course


This EACE IGP course is presented in PDF form and specially made keeping in mind the requirements of  RPSC AEn Civil Interview. Though we believe that this course is also helpful for Other PSC like BPSC UPSC MPPSC as well. 

This course is prepared in a very student-friendly manner and this course incorporates a large number of Interview Questions covering all the key concepts. It also covers practical applications of all the subjects of Civil Engineering topics. The flow has been kept a conversational manner to engage and activate your brain. Figures, graphs, charts, live photos, Snips has been added abundantly to help retain the knowledge. it will also help in your memory retention.  

Even though enough readings were given for correcting the errors & mistakes, due to human tendency there could be some minor types left in this course. It will be highly appreciated if you bring this in our notice so that we can incorporate it in the next addition. Also please provide your valuable suggestions and Review of this course.

I wish you all the best for the Interview, have a nice journey ahead.

contact- WhatsApp- 9034114389.

Or just click on this Link- https://wa.link/i6pmek

For Technical Issues- 9852000696.

-EACE Team


5714 reviews for RPSC AEn Civil Interview Guidance Program


    huge set of questions to practice and boost subject knowledge. Transcript based Interview scenario is also interesting to study

  2. Ankita

    Best practice material at such a budget price

  3. Rani sharma

    Nice practice material

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    I have used this course, and i must say, the amount of handwork which is done to made this, is really amazing. Amazing quality of pdf. Go for it.

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    Goal oriented study material and also guidance

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