Rajasthan Public Service Commission conducts the State Engineering Services Exam for the posts of Assistant Engineers every year. RPSC AEN stands for Rajasthan Public Services Commission Assistant Engineers Exam. It is also known as Assistant Engineer Combined Competitive Exam. This exam is conducted with a view to recruiting qualified personnel in the State Engineering Services Department of Rajasthan. The examination is held in successive stages- Preliminary Exam, followed by Mains and then the Personal Interview round. RPSC AEN is highly sought after and therefore, attracts high competition. Read on to understand all about the exam, and its pattern. In the last i have discussed the interview preparation tips.

Is Rpsc AEN exam conducted every year?

Generally, RPSC conducts an entrance exam Every year for which candidates are invited from Civil, Electrical, Agriculture and Mechanical Engineering branches. However, the post of each stream may vary based on the vacancy of the particular stream.

The RPSC AEN Exam is held in successive stages- The preliminary exam, Mains exam followed by a Personal Interview round. Knowing the Exam Pattern for the Preliminary and Mains exam will give candidates an understanding of how to prepare effectively for the exam and clear successive rounds of the recruitment process with ease.

RPSC AEN Syllabus

Important topics from each subject of the RPSC AEN Exam will enable the candidate to be at par with what to study and how to prepare for the exam. Given below are broad topics to study from:

For the compulsory papers in the RPSC AEN 2021 Mains Exam, here are the topics:

Current Affairs: Current events of State, National, and International importance. National & International agencies and their activities. Games & Sports at State, National and International levels.

History & Culture: Landmarks in the political and cultural history of India. Major monuments and literary works. Renaissance, the struggle for freedom and national integration.

General Science: Electronics and telecommunications, Satellites and elements of computers (both Hard & Soft Wares), research labs including CSIR managed national labs and institutes. Environment & pollution etc.

Economic Developments with Special Reference to Rajasthan: Food and Commercial Crops of Rajasthan, Agriculture based Industries, Major irrigation and River Valley Projects, Projects for the development of the desert and wastelands. Indira Gandhi Canal Project, growth and location of industries, Industrial raw materials. Mineral-based industries, Small-scale and Cottage industries, export items Rajasthani handicrafts, Tribes, and their economy. Cooperative movement. Tourism Development in Rajasthan.

Geography and Natural Resources of Rajasthan: Rajasthan’s Physiography: Climate, vegetation, and soil regions. Broad physical divisions of Rajasthan. Human resources: problems of population, unemployment, poverty, Drought, famine, and desertification in Rajasthan. Natural resources of Rajasthan. Mines and Minerals, forests, Land water. Animals’ resources. Wildlife and conservation. Energy problems and conventional and non-conventional sources of energy.

Hindi: Proposition, Tense, Interrogative Sentence, Infinitive & Gerund, Phrases & Idioms, Antonyms, Spelling Mistake detection, synonym, Mood & Voice, Verb, Adverb & Conjunctive, Noun & Pronoun, Adjective, Degree (Positive, Comparative & Superlative) and Spotting of error

Social aspects of Engineering: Development of Science and Technology, Depletion of natural resources, Environmental Degradation and Resource Depletion, Human Relations in Industry and Industrials laws, Development Processes, Rural economy, Globalisation of Economy, Financing methods of infrastructure projects, Rural Energy needs and Rural industries.

For the optional subjects, the topics under each subject are listed below.

Civil Engineering

  • Engineering Materials & Construction Technology
  • Soil/ Geotechnical Engineering
  • Surveying
  • Structural Mechanics
  • Steel Structures
  • Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Fluid Mechanics Including Hydrology And Irrigation
  • Public Health Engineering
  • Highway And Bridges

RPSC AEN Selection Process

After the RPSC AEN Mains examination, qualifying candidates will be called for a personal interview round which carries a lot of weightage. Given below are important pointers about the personal interview round.

  • Candidates who obtain such minimum qualifying marks in the written test of the Main examination as may be fixed by the Commission in their discretion shall be summoned by them for interview. Provided that no candidate who fails to obtain a minimum of 35% marks in each of the two compulsory papers and a minimum of 40% marks in the aggregate shall be called by the Commission for an interview which carries 72 marks
  • The Commission shall award marks to each candidate interviewed by them. In interviewing the candidates besides awarding marks in respect of character, personality, address, and physique, marks shall also be awarded for the candidate’s knowledge of the Rajasthani culture. The marks awarded shall be added to the marks obtained in the written test of the main examination by each such candidate.
  • After the interview round, candidates shall be awarded provisional selection which is made permanent subject to a background check and document verification of eligibility criteria.

RPSC AEN Interview

RPSC is very soon going to conduct the most awaited AEN Interview. So, are you excited?

IF your answer is Yes, then my Next question is – Are you Prepared? There’s only one interview technique that matters. Do your homework so you can listen to the answers and react to them and ask follow-ups. Do your homework” Job Interview is the most important thing for a job seeker. If you go for an interview you must be well prepared for this because you don’t get a second chance to make a great first impression. Here we provide some strategies to improve your interview skills:

Interview Tips

  • Practice for good non-verbal communication
  • Have good Practical civil engineering knowledge
  • have a good Dressing Sense
  • Listen carefully to the Questions
  • Don’t talk too much
  • Don’t be too familiar
  • Don’t look desperate

Prepare for Interview

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